What is Boosterthon?

Boosterthon is our annual Fun Run and our largest school fundraiser.  

The Boosterthon Fun Run experience combines a fun fitness event, an interactive character building program, and a great school fundraiser. It’s all wrapped up in an unforgettable experience that is fun for our students.

The great thing is, there is nothing to sell and no door-to-door visits. Parents help our school simply by gathering pledges from friends and family. Sponsors can pledge a per lap amount or flat donation toward our school’s Fun Run. The lap average for all students on the day of the Fun Run is 30-35. So, if a family-friend pledges a dollar per lap, that would be a tax deductible gift to the school of $30-$35. 

The Boosterthon Fun Run program lasts two weeks and has three parts plus a Mooneyham PTA Prize Raffle: 

Part 1.  Pep Rally

This is the opening kickoff to the Boosterthon. The Boosterthon Fun Run team leads this exciting assembly-style meeting in the school gym. The team explains that the Boosterthon Fun Run will be happening next week and how every student will run as a school.

The team also talks about how students will learn character lessons over the next two weeks and how families can get pledges to help their school. 

Part 2. Team Huddle Days  

The next six school days are Team Huddle Days. This is the time when our PTA and Mooneyham Teachers make the character building lessons come to life, reward students for helping their school, and reminds classes about the upcoming Fun Run. Every class becomes a team with the teacher as their coach. Team Huddle Days are designed so that schools can continue about their learning schedule as normal.

This year our character theme is Backyard Box Office! It is a movie theme all about making a difference by getting into character. It will take students on a step-by-step journey of joy to make a difference in their world. Booster’s film crew traveled the country to bring your students movies about real kids dedicated to making people’s lives better. From inventors, to world-class speakers, to business owners, to world-record holders, these five kid-difference makers will inspire your students to practice the five “Character Acts” so they can also make an impact in their community.

Part 3. Mooneyham Fun Run 

This is the day everyone’s been waiting for! Students run for 30 minutes to upbeat, themed music. Parents are encouraged to come and cheer on their children.

Most students run somewhere between 30 and 35 laps (35 is the lap cap). As the run ends, laps are tallied and students review the character lessons.Students collect pledges from family and friends and send them to the school. Pledges can be paid using a credit card at funrun.com or a check can be sent to the school with your students name, grade and class. 

Mooneyham PTA Prize Raffle
Our Mooneyham PTA sponsors a big prize raffle after all pledges are collected. Each student that has been registered in funrun.com will receive one ticket plus a ticket for each $10 collected.